Mobile Apps

During my time leading Social Print Studio, I was directly involved in the design, development, and marketing of a number of mobile apps.

The core mobile experience for Social Print Studio, this app gives you access to our full product lineup. Launched in 2013 this was one of the first apps that let you print directly from your phone. It has been featured by Apple many times over the years, and has been installed over a million times.

 Print Studio on the App Store

Post allows users to mail a photo instantly as a post card. The app saves your addresses and payment details so that in regular use, you can send a photo in the mail in just a few taps. Use code ‘BOOYAH’ to send postcards for just 1$.

POST on the App Store

Greetings allows users to create holiday cards from a uniquly mobile experience. The app was developed as an extension of the Post app code base with a host of additional editing features and a more advanced templating system. Order a set of quality cards with envelopes, or create one unique card, and we’ll mail it directly to a recipient.

Greetings on the App Store


When the iPhone 4 was launched, we created DBLCAM (“Double Cam”), the first app to make use of both the front and back cameras. A photo is taken from both cameras and stiched into a single image. DBLCAM received some good press and users posted photos to social media with the #dblcam hashtag, resulting in over 1 million app installs 🙌!

 Here’s a fun DBLCAM video we made in 2013


Launched 2012 as the first mobile app released by Social Print Studio, Slow Message holds a special place in my heart. The app allows a user to send a message with an unknown delivery date. The interface allows you to choose from options that determine whether your message should arrive for example “next week,” or in “a few months.” This interaction confuses our expectations about technology and the norm of instantaneous communication. What message might you send to a loved one if you only knew it would arrive in say a few years? What message would you send to yourself?