Benjamin Lotan

Selected Projects

The Happy Light
2009 / performance

A two month undercover performance and research mission in Jerusalem.

2009 / performance

What began as an honest inquiry quickly became a more performative investigation into the recruiting practices of the United States Army. Assuming the role of the ideal candidate I documented the relationship I formed with my recruiter, The Sarge.

2009 / photo series

Sprawling suburban landscapes are mirrored, combined, and stretched, extending upon the archetypical images of cul-de-sacs and stucco and creating something frightening and new. If our building patterns continue, could these be the landscapes of the future?

2008 /photo & video series

Landscapes from the road.

Mapping A Path
2008 / video

A walking path around the studio is sped up, traced, and layered to create a swarming human mass.

2009 / interactive instalation

LightWall utilizes of a simple video feedback loop to create a fun and evocative art piece.

Foot Prints
2008 / intaglio print series

During a three month period of exploration in the Eastern United States, I produced an series of intaglio prints. Each print was made by fixing a glazed cardboard plate to my left foot and taking a walk in a new location.

2009 / video

Produced as a dance video, Dive is a loosely choreographed dumpster diving session in which performers rummage for good food deemed unfit for sale, and thrown away.

Pixel-Width Portraits
2009 web application & ongoing photo series

A small image processor made for design inspiration and joy, Pixel-Width Portraits exists as an ongoing photo series as well as a web application that allows anyone to upload and process an image.

Spaces (the exploit)
2009 / video series

Mini-performance gestures activate fringe urban spaces, imagining new activity protocols.

Nude (shirt)
2008 / custom t-shirt

The Inside Outside Project
2009 / performance & public video installation

By back-projecting onto a white sheet covering my front apartment window, I created a large screen that was clearly visible from the street. Each night for a week, My roommate and I set up a live video feed from inside the apartment and shared our nightly activities with the outside world.

Text Message
2009 / video

Text Message is an animated video short. A fragmented visual poem embracing the age of SMS and status updates.

Watch Us Sleep
2009 / networked performance

2008 / photo series

A series of twelve photo collages. Each is composed of shots taken from beneath one of the 360° bubble cameras perched atop the 'Emergency' towers spread throughout the campus of the University of California, San Diego.

The Swimmer
2009 / performance & video installation

Video Portraits
2009 / photo series

2008 / photo series

A pseudoscientific genetic exploration.

2009 / video

The simple image of reverse consumerism, returns is a looping video piece shot outside of a Costco wholesale store in San Diego CA.

High School
2000-2004 / Performance & Photo Documentation

For this four year performance, I enrolled myself in an ordinary high school and assumed the identity of a bright and entusiastic young student. Partaking in many of the classic high school activities, I spent four years attending classes and making friends.

Tea Ceremony
2008 / performance & video installation

20 minute micro-performance with Shani Pak.

Massage Me
2008 / installation

Massage Me is a 2-channel video installation with sound. Looping videos depict a pair of lips demanding--and enjoying--a massage.

The Birth of a Freeway
2009 / video

2007 / performance

Suicide is a durational performance in which I portrayed a suicidal individual. For one week I wore a special t-shirt and handed out postcards inviting people to join me for a public suicide event. I also recorded a suicide video, in which I explain the reasons why I decided to end my life.

2006 / performance

For this performance, I used a water pipe to smoke a concentrated form of the psychoactive herb known as salvia. Although salvia can have significantly more powerful effects than cannabis or LSD, it remains legal and unregulated in most countries. I produced a video of the resulting 15 minute trip, and the footage was emailed to the white house, as well as several members of congress.

2008 / performance

A space used strictly for formal observation and research is re-appropriated as a site for nonsensical play and intimacy. The hour-long performance was looped and streamed "live" on the internet for a 24 hour period, allowing the performers to exist simultaneously live in person and online.

The Artist
2009 / video

Alice's Hair (in wonderland)
2009 / video

Alice's yellow hair is isolated in each frame of the Disney classic.

2009 / guided walk

Alte Kamereren
2007 / performance

Synchronized Listening
re-occuring / event